Sinfop professional dental platform is about real people and real professionals. Our platform lets you concentrate on what is important in your profession without distractions. By using Sinfop platform, everyone knows with who they collaborate and communicate. There are no bots, annoying marketers and spam accounts, trolling and all that negative associations that can be found around in dental groups and forums on different social media.


We respect privacy of each user thus we build our business model based on providing services, where our users are our direct customers. Despite the fact that Sinfop provide services for companies such as dental supply manufacturers and other dental industry business, we do not have algorithms that collect and analyze our user’s data, in order to sell it to third parties. In other words, we do not offer “free cheese” in order to sell our users data and profit from it.

We believe that every one should have a chance to access and use the technology of professional community without their personal life online being collected, exposed, tracked and sold.

Our motivation

Over the years we have done many things that we are proud of. This motivates us to continue looking for new challenges in order to improve our product and services based on our values.

For more information regarding our values and what makes Sinfop truly great professional community platform, you can visit our professional community guidelines.

Creating ideas and building
product that truly matter to people.

We are at the stage of platform’s closed testing. Leave your details, get early access to the platform and create a product with us.