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Get the platform early access – take part in its development

Note: This Early Access platform is under development. It may change in the future, or it may remain in its current state, so if you do not like what the platform has to offer now, we recommend you wait for its further development.

Why Early Access?

We decided to open early access to Sinfop Pro platform, because the close collaboration with our active community has been a huge benefit in the work on the first part. Early Access allows us to remain completely independent, not to compromise in integrity and release the product that truly matter to professional dental community.

During the Early Access period, we will improve the core platform mechanics, UI, design and performance with monthly updates as needed. We will also gradually add new features and content, as well work on translations on a quarterly basis.

Will the price of the Sinfop Pro platform change after leaving Early Access?

During the Early Access period, the platform will be available at a significant discount as a sign of respect for the dental industry professionals who supported us. When the platform goes open to general public the prices will change to those that you can find at the pricing section.

Fortunately, we have no investors over our heads, so we guarantee that our platform will not have data collection algorithms, we will not sell your personal information and platform usage to third parties. Our business model is very clear, our users are our direct customers.