Artificial intelligence (AI)

In order to provide the best possible experience to our professional community users, we created our platform with Artificial intelligence-based systems. Customer service is on the most important business areas where Sinfop expect to reap value for AI. Artificial neural networks and deep learning artificial intelligence technologies are quickly evolving, primarily because AI processes large amounts of data much faster and makes the necessary process more accurately than humanly possible.

While Sinfop dental platform expect the huge volume of data being created by our professional community on a daily basis, this would bury our stuff with large amount of workload and increase our operational and developing costs. AI applications that use machine learning take that data and quickly turn it into actionable information for fast and easy access for our users to use and take advantage of it.

Efficiency and productivity gains for our company as well for our customers are two of the most-important benefits of implementing AI within the Sinfop platform. The technology handles tasks at a pace and scale that humans can’t match. At the same time, by removing such tasks from our human workers’ responsibilities, AI allows those workers to move to higher-value tasks that technology can’t do. This allows Sinfop to minimize the costs associated with performing mundane, repeatable tasks that can be performed by technology while maximizing the talent of our human capital.

Implementation of AI in the Sinfop platform leading us to more customized and personalized interactions between our product and each individual customer. During the development of the Sinfop platform we saw a reduction of errors as well as stronger adherence to established standards when we added AI technologies to our business processes.

In addition to the benefits listed above, AI fuel numerous industry-specific improvements in the Sinfop platform. Here are three examples:

Network Search

Sinfop created Artificial intelligence based search system that allow members to search the entire network, all in one unified search bar.

Global, personal, and group feeds

Search any groups content for a more interactive experience. We let our members to be able use the smart search technology powered by AI to find necessary information fast and easy.

Find dental cases, experts discussions on similar matter and other media content that our users upload, like photos and videos.

AI Assistance for Language

Since Sinfop is an international dental community of professionals, we faced multilingual support challenges. In order to provide the best possible experience and be able to provide our product and services in our user’s native language, we implemented use of Artificial Intelligence based neural language processing technology system, that trains artificial intelligence to understand and translate texts.

This AI Neural networks expand human possibility, overcome language barriers, and bring our international community closer together.

Fast and easy smart AI customer support

Smart Artificial intelligence based support system allowed us effectively to reduce support tickets, Increase productivity, Improve our users experience and scale our customer support operations.

AI instant Answer to customer queries By Self-Servicing

Artificial intelligence based support system helps our customers browse the documentation and knowledge base articles right from the chat window without leaving the page and scientifically reduce the support tickets. As well it assists our visitors to get the exact solution and reduce dependency on support.

Track and evaluate activities on our support system to get insights about our Knowledge Base and improve our user experience by analyzing and training.

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